Product News: Sierra's Ultrasonic Flow Meter Voted Most Innovative Ultrasonic Flow Meter of 2008 by Industry Publication

28 Nov 2008

Sierra Instruments is proud to announce that its Innova-Sonic® Model 206 In-Line Ultrasonic Flow Meter has been honored with Flow Control Magazine's readers vote for the most innovative ultrasonic flow meter in 2008.

Voters chose Sierra's Innova-Sonic® Model 206 In-Line based on its unique features and incredible accuracy including reduced upstream/downstream piping requirements; the ability to measure down to zero flow with Innova-Sonic® and reduce leaks; no moving parts, no expensive repairs or replacements, and a variety of outputs (4-20mA DC analog output and RS 232).

The Innova-Sonic® Model 206 In-Line Ultrasonic Flow Meter is a state-of-the-art digital correlation transit-time device designed to give the end-user high performance at an affordable price. The Innova-Sonic® features advanced PicoFly™ measurement technology, representing an order-of-magnitude improvement in transit-time measurement technology, allowing far superior response to changes in flow (with much greater resolution) and outstanding low-flow detection. An industry first, this advanced technology allows the ultrasonic transit time to be measured in picoseconds 10-12 (one trillionth of a second) for superb resolution and extreme low-flow detection as compared to typical nanoseconds 10-9 (one billionth of a second) processing.

In addition, Innova-Sonic® In-Line is designed primarily as a great alternative for magnetic flow meter applications, with several clear advantages. The +/- 0.5% of reading accuracy is as good as a typical magnetic flow meter, but the ability to measure down to zero flow and the ability to measure virtually any clean liquid regardless of conductivity sets Innova-Sonic® In-Line apart.

With distinctive features such as high precision, high reliability, high capability and low cost, Innova-Sonic® In-Line offers low power consumption, digital signal processing with advanced noise filtering capability and outstanding applicability. Our Innova-Sonic® In-Line features both accuracy and repeatability of +/- 0.1 fps, a wide operating temperature range of-40°F to +176°F (-40°C to 80°C), and wide bi-directional flow range of 0.0 to 23 fps liquids (0-7 mps). The instrument is ideal for clean liquid applications and is tolerant of liquids with the small amount of air bubbles or suspended solids commonly found in most industrial flow applications. Innova-Sonic® In-Line offers excellent zero tracking with no damping and will measure down to zero flow.

Sierra’s Innova-Sonic® In-Line is designed using SLSI technology (Super Large Scale Integration) allowing ten times the component population compared to the typical Integrated circuit. The unique patented in-line spool piece design features a carbon steel flow body available with both ANSI and DN 16 flanges. The Innova-Sonic® In-Line is easy to program and includes an easily readable 16 character by 2 line backlit display.

Innova-Sonic® In-Line is one of only a few flow meters assessed by the American Bureau of Shipping for shipboard use.