Product News: Shimadzu Launches New QP-2010 Plus GC/MS

01 Sep 2006

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc. (SSI), one of the leading developers of analytical instrumentation in the U.S., announces the launch of its new QP-2010 Plus GC/MS, the world’s most sensitive Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer (GC/MS). Ideal for rapid analysis of difficult samples, and determination of trace components, the QP-2010 Plus is the ideal instrument for characterizing complex organic mixtures in fields from forensics to food and flavors sciences.

Developed on the strengths of Shimadzu’s QP-2010, the QP-2010 Plus features an extended mass range (from 1.5 to 1090 m/z) to allow analysis of higher mass compounds as well as an extended ion source temperature range (from 100˚ to 300˚ C) to increase flexibility and reduce maintenance. Dual turbo pumps provide increased sensitivity and column flow capacity, showing two times the sensitivity for Octafluoronapthalene (OFN) and triple the sensitivity in Electron Impact (EI) and Negative Chemical Ionization (NCI) modes over the original.

The QP-2010 Plus is also equipped with software allowing simultaneous Scan/SIM modes that enable detailed information on compounds of interest without sacrificing data across the entire mass spectrum. The automatic correction with Intelligent Sequencing capability allows for unattended operation when a QC action has failed, and Retention Indexing allows retention time correction of SIM and compound tables, ensuring precision and accuracy of target compounds.

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