Product News: New Large Capacity Incubator Shaker

29 Aug 2007

Sheldon Mfg, Inc. has expanded its line of Incubator Shakers with the introduction of the large capacity 9.5 cu ft Model SI9. The SI9 offers flexibility and high performance for large-scale applications involving Cell Aeration, Metabolism Studies, Bacteriology, and Cell Culturing.

With an internal capacity of 9.5 cu ft, the SHEL LAB SI9 can accommodate up to 19 one liter flasks in a single load. This is the best capacity to footprint ratio of any available incubators.

As with the other SHEL LAB Shaking Incubators, the shaking platform is included with the purchase and is safely removed without any tools.

The shaker speed ranges from 30 – 400 RPM with smooth quiet oscillation. Sheldon’s engineering team designed the door of the SI9 to open vertically making it possible to open the door in tight spaces.

These units are stackable allowing users to double their capacity without using additional lab floor space.

Available with or without refrigeration, the SI9 addresses all functional requirements for shaking incubator applications. A wide range of Flask Clamps, Test Tube Racks and Micro Titer Plate Clamps are available to allow maximum versatility.