Product News: Simplified Connection for 2D GC

21 Dec 2011

The new SilTite™ μ-union from SGE Analytical Science simplifies connecting GC guard columns or columns for two-dimensional GC. The advantages of SilTite™ μ-union include chemically inertness, excellent operational stability and low dead volume, easy installation and leak free connection.

Enabled by SGE’s surface chemistry expertise, SilTite™ μ-union’s stainless steel surfaces are treated to ensure inertness and optimal chromatography. The SilTite™ μ-union has low thermal mass and tracks the GC oven temperature during temperature programming so your chromatography is unaffected. The low dead volume of this GC connector ensures optimal peak shapes. Installation is easy with SGE’s FingerTite fittings that can be tightened with finger force avoiding the need for tools or wrenches. The SilTite™ μ-union achieves a perfect, reliable seal even for the most sensitive GCMS systems.