Product News: Food Safety Analysis Solutions at IAFP 2012

27 Jul 2012

Seward Ltd, the manufacturer and developer of the patented Stomacher® Paddle Blender range, exhibited at this year’s International Association for Food Protection (IAFP 2012) meeting in Providence, Rhode Island, USA (22nd- 25th July). The event assembled a wide range of professionals in the food safety arena and was a perfect opportunity for representatives from Seward Laboratory Systems Inc., the company’s US subsidiary, to showcase a variety of sample preparation products for food microbiological analysis.

Of particular note was the Seward Stomacher® 400 Circulator laboratory blender, which processes over eight million food samples daily worldwide and uses patented curved shaped paddles to create a washing effect. This drives more microorganisms into suspension and provides a better homogenized sample for analysis. Also on show, was the Stomacher® 3500 series, which provides a versatile range of tools for large volume blending and extraction. These heavy duty machines are built to industrial standards and are often used in applications for large volume food microbiology, for example sample preparation of meat for E.coli testing.

The Seward Stomacher® 400 and Stomacher® 3500, both provide robust and reliable solutions to the match the demands of today’s food microbiologists. This is why Seward Stomacher® is a highly referenced brand name in scientific publications for the production of reproducible, homogenized samples in food safety analysis.

“Seward has recently opened a brand new services and logistics facility in the USA to support our North American customers, and so we were pleased to be able to attend IAFP to discuss how our solutions can help them develop their analytical methods for microbiological analysis of food products,” said Chris Dunk, Director Seward Laboratory Systems Inc.