Product News: SelectScience Announces Winner of Drug Discovery Scientists’ Choice Award

04 Sep 2013

SelectScience is pleased to announce the Cytation3 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader, by BioTek Instruments, as the winner of the Scientists’ Choice Award for Best Drug Discovery Product 2013. The award presentation took place during the ELRIG Drug Discovery Annual Meeting and Expo in Manchester, UK.

The Scientists’ Choice Awards recognize products which have significantly contributed towards laboratory efforts in 2013. BioTek Instruments won the Drug Discovery award, which was both nominated and voted for by drug discovery scientists around the world.

Winner of the Best Drug Discovery Product of 2013:
Cytation3 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader
BioTek Instruments

Cytation™3 is a cell imaging multi-mode microplate reader that combines automated digital microscopy and conventional microplate detection. This unique design provides rich phenotypic cellular information with well-based quantitative data perfect for the initial stages of drug discovery in target identification and validation assays. It also has applications in the later stages for toxicity testing.

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IntelliCyt iQue™ Screener
Phenomenex AXIA™ Prepacked Preparative HPLC Columns
Thermo Fisher Scientific UltiMate 3000 Binary Rapid Separation LC System


Scientists were invited to nominate and then vote for their favorite Drug Discovery product, in 2013, in a series of online surveys. Michelle Maxwell, Drug Discovery Editor at SelectScience, commented: “The Scientists’ Choice Awards provide a unique opportunity for all drug discovery scientists around the world to celebrate the rapidly changing and improving field of drug discovery. These improvements in technology and techniques significantly change and often shorten the drug discovery process and in the long term help to produce medicines with increased safety and longevity. These awards are unique since the nominees and winners are chosen by members of SelectScience.”

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About The Scientists’ Choice Awards:
SelectScience, the web’s most comprehensive buyers’ guide for laboratory scientists, began the Scientists’ Choice Awards in 2007 to enable scientists to voice their opinions on the best laboratory products. Once a year, SelectScience invites members to nominate their favorite products of the year in each category.
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