Product News: See the Drug Discovery Product of the Year and the Revolutionary Absorbance Microplate Reader SPECTROstar Nano at BIOTECHNICA 2010

29 Sep 2010

Experience the future of absorbance reading with the SPECTROstar Nano and get more information about other innovative microplate reading solutions including the FLUOstar Omega, Best Drug Discovery Product 2010.

The award winning FLUOstar Omega provides you with the best combination of performance and flexibility for all of your life science and R&D applications. Using BMG LABTECH’s unique Tandem Technology, it has been acknowledged as the perfect microplate reader for a wide range of applications in basic research, life science studies, and assay development. Fluorescence Intensity, UV/Vis full spectrum absorbance, luminescence, AlphaTechnology, and TRF (TR-FRET) detection technologies, can all be read by the FLUOstar Omega with ease and superior performance.

Visit booth B27 for more information.