Product News: See the Advanced SpectraMax® M5e Microplate Reader from MDS Analytical Technologies at AACR 2008 in Booth 1617

14 Apr 2008

MDS Analytical Technologies will feature its advanced SpectraMax® M5e multimode microplate reader at AACR 2008 in Booth #1617. This highly sensitive, tunable monochromators-based system provides integrated filter optics certified to run HTRF®, LanthaScreen™, and IMAP® microplate assays. Users can choose any wavelength between 250 nm and 850 nm and select the best-suited parameters for their assays. Fluorescence, TRF, FP, absorbance, and luminescence detection modes with temperature control (up to 600C) can run cell viability and proliferation, kinase, reporter gene, ELISA, nucleic acid and protein quantification, as well as enzymatic assays.

You can also see the following high performance bioanalytical measurement systems on display in Molecular Devices' (now a part of MDS Analytical Technologies) booth #1617:
  • NEW! CellKey™ 384 System—high-throughput, label-free, cell-based assay technology is now in 384-well format.
  • AquaMax™ System—liquid handling system provides precise dispensing and thorough washing, all in one instrument.
  • IonWorks™ Quattro System—turnkey automated patch-clamp system for primary and secondary screening with Population Patch Clamp technology.
  • FLIPRTETRA® System with Aequorin Option—reliable, flexible high-throughput screening solution to monitor GPCRs and ion channels. The system performs fluorescent and luminescent assays including Aequorin.
  • ImageXpressULTRA™ System—true point-scanning confocal optics and laser-based illumination.

To learn more and speak with our product experts, please visit our booth #1617.