Product News: See Latest Products from TTP LabTech - SBS Booth 200

17 Apr 2009

Come and visit TTP LabTech at booth #200 for your chance to win a new Sony Vaio Notebook!

We will be showcasing our portfolio of products for your screening laboratory:

• the acclaimed nanolitre liquid handler, mosquito® X1, our ‘hit-picking’ instrument that offers precision sampling of any individual well/location and our mosquito®  HTS in tandem with our new bulk dispense head module

• the Acumen® eX3 laser scanning microplate cytometer, an ultra-high throughput system for cell-based screening that offers enhanced multiplexing capability to maximise data content and rapid generation of robust data sets

• RAPid 4, a Resonant Acoustic Profiling biosensor, which provides a sound alternative for label-free interaction analysis of biopharmaceuticals

Don’t miss our free Acumen-focused tutorial entitled ‘High Throughput Genome-Wide and Multiplexed Cell Cycle Analysis’ which will be held on Tuesday, April 28th at 4:40 pm in Faidherbe 2 Room. No registration is required but do come early to ensure a place.

For our latest data please visit the poster presentation session, which can be viewed on Monday, April 27th.

For further information on our products and technologies please join us at Booth 200 or visit our website.