Product News: Salt Tolerant Interaction Chromatography Membranes

02 Dec 2011

Sartobind STIC® membranes are a new group of Salt Tolerant Interaction Chromatography membrane adsorbers from Sartorius. With the primary amine ligand they bind negatively charged impurities such as DNA, host cell proteins, endotoxins and viruses at much higher salt concentrations than known from conventional Q matrices.

Sartobind STIC membranes eliminate the need for feedstream dilution before flowthrough polishing of recombinant proteins and Mabs. The single use product reduces validation cost, consumption of buffers, and speeds up the time it takes to bring products to market. The Sartobind STIC family scales linearly within the Sartobind SingleSep formats of Sartobind pico with 0.08 ml membrane volume up to Sartobind mega with 1.6 liter.