Product News: SANYO CO2 Incubator with a Hydrogen Peroxide Decontamination System

09 Jun 2009

The SANYO-19AIC CO2 Incubator has been specifically designed for highly demanding cell culture and regulated applications.

The MCO-19AIC SANYO CO2 Incubator includes the benefits of an Air Jacketed heating system and a new Dual Detector Infra Red CO2 Sensor which constantly recalibrates and auto-zeroes the CO2 concentration within the Incubator without suffering the affects of temperature and humidity changes when the incubator is accessed. The new Infra Red CO2 Sensor enables rapid CO2 recovery rates of within 3 minutes when set at 5%.

For more demanding protocols, the MCO-19AIC can have an optional Hydrogen Peroxide Decontamination System fitted. This type of decontamination system is extremely effective and extremely fast since a complete cycle only takes 130 minutes rather than several hours, or overnight, like some heat decontamination systems require. The Hydrogen Peroxide Decontamination System is also safe to use since the H2O2 vapor is contained within the incubator and is broken down at the end of the cycle to water and oxygen. The Door Interlock also adds to the safety of this system.

Sample protection is provided by:

InCuSafe copper enriched stainless steel alloy which is effective in the decontamination of Bacteria, Fungi, and Mycoplasma - all-day-every-day without having to run decontamination cycles.

The optional SafeCell UV system is an available option that decontaminates any airborne contaminants all- day- every- day without having to run decontamination cycles. The UV system is non-ozone producing and is non-harmful to your cell cultures. Samples are further protected by the inbuilt alarm systems.

A large high resolution LCD display features intuitive pop-up menus to make entering set points easy, together with multi-point data logging and a graphical display of the incubation conditions. An optional PC interface permits remote transmission of data from the incubator.

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