Product News: SANYO Announces 25.7-cubic foot Twin Guard Series™ Freezer with Dual° Cool™ Technology

04 Apr 2011

SANYO North America Corporation (SANYO) Biomedical Solutions Division announces its new, larger 25.7-cubic foot Twin Guard Series™ -86°C Ultralow Temperature Freezer, the MDF-U700VXC, featuring Dual° Cool™ technology.

The Twin Guard Series™ is designed to preserve the most sensitive, high-value biologicals and serves as the ideal critical storage appliance in repositories and medical research facilities. Allowing more flexibility in storage space, up to 576 boxes (2-inch), the MDF-U700VXC is available now through SANYO Biomedical sales representatives.

Twin Guard Refrigeration System
The MDF-U700VXC employs advanced Dual° Cool™ technology to maintain ultra-low temperatures by using two completely independent one-compressor, autocascade cooling systems. The system offers a way to securely store biological samples by serving as a fail-safe mechanism, with two independent refrigeration circuits that include a closed-loop, cold-wall evaporator configured parallel one to the other. In the unlikely event that a compressor fails, the remaining compressor will automatically continue to keep the interior chamber at a minimum of -65°C for an indefinite period of time.

SANYO-designed new generation Cool Safe™ refrigeration compressors also feature innovative refrigerant feedback processes to reduce compressor temperature, extending compressor life and minimizing heat output.

EcoMode™ and Energy Efficiency
A unique EcoMode™ deploys both systems in alternating cycles to maintain -86°C and reduce energy consumption in response to cooling demands. The evaporator coils have also been strategically embedded in SANYO’s patented VIP™ PLUS vacuum-insulated, thin-wall panel cabinet to deliver both the best temperature uniformity at all shelf levels as well as maximizing interior storage space. EcoMode™ is recommended and capable of handling 90-95% of applications.

Because of the two-in-one freezer design, no additional backup freezer or its additional footprint and energy use is necessary.

Advanced Control and Monitoring
Freezer functions are made simple through an integrated microprocessor-based control system featuring a high resolution LCD information center. The control and information center includes comprehensive setpoint, alarm, monitoring, diagnostic and communications functions for enhanced operability and visibility.

Other Standard SANYO Features
The MDF-U700VXC is also equipped with standard industry and SANYO features, such as:
• SANYO-patented V.I.P. Plus™ vacuum insulation panel cabinet construction
• Insulated and gasketed inner doors that seal inside
• Inner door latches
• Seismic restraints to secure cabinet to building superstructure to meet local codes
• HFC-refrigerants only
• Quiet operation
• Vacuum relief valve mounted on left wall for easy access
• Easy-In/Easy-Out™ door latch for easy one-handed operation
• Security features such as universal keyed door lock

For more information and an interactive demo of the Twin Guard Series™ visit the company article page.