Product News: SANYO Adds Multi-Gas and Cooling Only Options to Sterisonic™ GxP Cell Culture CO2/O2 Incubator Family

12 Nov 2010

SANYO North America Corporation, Biomedical Solutions Division announces an extension to its Sterisonic™ GxP CO2/O2 incubator family to include the MCO-19M multi-gas unit and an optional cooling function.

Regarded as the industry’s most complete cell culture solution for highly regulated applications
or conventional incubation, the new models will also include the documented two-hour in situ
H2O2 sterilization technology for the fastest decontamination available and provide even more
flexibility in use for life science research. The MCO-19M series is ideal for in vitro fertilization
(IVF) gene research, regenerative medicine and other protocols that require CO2 and subambient
(hypoxic) or above ambient oxygen control.

High Performance In Vitro Modeling
Stable temperature, humidity and CO2 density are achieved through a combination of performance systems supervised by a centralized microprocessor controller complete with alarm, programming, calibration and diagnostic protocols exportable to a remote database. SANYO’s proprietary single-beam, dual detector infrared (IR2) CO2 sensor delivers precise CO2 control, quick recovery following door openings, and auto sampling with no moving parts.

“The combination of Sterisonic™ GxP incubator performance and functions permit use with confidence for an even wider range of biomedical, clinical, and pharmaceutical research than ever before. Representing years of development and component testing, the Sterisonic™ GxP incorporates a collective of design attributes to offer a holistic solution to cell culture protocols, from the most sophisticated to more conventional processes,” stated Matt Siebert, Product Manager.

Main Features of the MCO-19M Sterisonic CO2/O2 Incubators
Zirconia O2 Control System
The zirconia oxygen sensor maintain sub-ambient O2 levels from 1% to 18% and enriched O2 levels from 22% to 80% concurrently with a CO2 range 0% to 20% via an infrared sensor. An electronic P.I.D. control maintains accurate temperature and gas setpoints over the entire system range. A nitrogen gas bubbler accelerates recovery of chamber humidity levels following door openings. The MCO-19M includes an automatic gas switchover system that changes from the primary to a secondary gas cylinder for either oxygen or nitrogen; whereas an optional second gas switchover system is available for CO2.

Sterilization and Decontamination
The optional Sterisonic™ GxP H2O2 sterilization system limits downtime to less than three hours when total chamber sterilization is desired. All interior components and CO2 sampling loop are sterilized in situ; no need for removal and autoclaving. Active Background Contamination Control™ fights contamination while cell culture protocols are in process, while the optional patented SafeCell™ UV system scrubs interior airflow to destroy airborne and humidity pan contaminants.

Control and Monitoring
The Sterisonic™ GxP control center includes an intuitive pop-up menu and high resolution LCD for inputs, outputs and performance at-a-glance. Multi-point data logging offers a push-button graphical display. An optional PC interface permits remote transmission for GMP/GLP protocols as required. Precise PID logic controls and adjusts to all temperature, CO2 setpoints and alarm parameters.

New Integrated Cooling Option for Sterisonic Family (MCO-CL)
The industry’s most complete cell culture solution now offers a cooling option in the North American market for +18ºC to +30ºC applications like regenerative medicine, stem cell research, and other sensitive cell culture verticals. SANYO’s integrated cooling option provides unmatched temperature stability and control which can only be achieved with the patented Direct Heat and Air Jacket™ surrounding the inner walls. The unique cooling coil design allows for superior temperature uniformity and temperature recovery during door openings.