Product News: SampleGenie Improves HPLC Fraction Pooling Workflow

30 Apr 2009

Genevac has announced a technical study that illustrates how its innovative SampleGenie™ technology enables removal of steps from a centrifugal evaporator / HPLC fraction pooling protocol thereby significantly improving the workflow.

Traditionally HPLC fraction pooling protocols have involved drying multiple fractions in a centrifugal evaporator, re-suspending pooled fractions into a single vial and then re-drying before storage and analysis. Even with modern evaporators such processes typically take 2-3 days to complete. Offering the ability to automatically pool (without robotics) multiple HPLC fractions into a single small sample vial - SampleGenie simplifies the protocol to a single overnight drying step before storage and analysis. Improved speed of evaporation and a reduction in the number of sample transfer steps are highly desirable in a sample preparation method in order to streamline workflow in busy laboratories.
SampleGenie enables samples in Genevac ROCKET™, EZ-2 or HT-series centrifugal evaporators to be concentrated, dried or fast freeze dried directly into a single vial, eliminating the need for reformatting of samples after drying. SampleGenie flasks act like a funnel and permit multiple large volume samples to be concentrated directly into an HPLC (or GC) autosampler vial. SampleGenie is available to cope with most solvent types.

Many years of experience in solvent evaporation and sample purification have allowed Genevac to produce high-efficiency sample concentrators that combine high performance, high reliability, ease of use and compatibility with most commonly used solvents and acids. The SampleGenie accessory further extends the utility of these systems to be able to provide a truly efficient tool for pooling and rapid concentration of multiple HPLC fractions.