Product News: Integration of Pippin Prep Automated DNA Size Selection Systems to Enhance Sample Yield

08 Nov 2010

Sage Science, Inc. announces the integration of ten Pippin Prep DNA size selection instruments into the Broad Institute's sequencing platform for sample preparation workflow. The Pippin Prep improves and automates size selection of DNA for next-gen sequencing library preparation. It replaces manual gel purification, saving significant labor while producing a higher-quality sample.

We believe the Pippin Prep will significantly improve our sample prep processes,” said Robert Nicol, Ph.D., Director of Sequencing Operations and Technology Development at the Broad Institute. “The technology enables significant enhancements in sample yield, reproducibility and throughput.” 

Sage CEO Gary Magnant added, "Our team is very pleased that the Pippin Prep has been adopted by the Broad Institute for high-throughput sample prep. Broad scientists are very thorough in their analysis, and their feedback was key to optimizing Pippin Prep performance for next-gen sequencing applications.”

DNA samples purified using the Pippin Prep system have shown higher diversity and higher recovery compared to manual gel extractions. The system provides the narrow size ranges desired, and virtually eliminates contamination by low-molecular-weight fragments and adapters. The result is a larger fraction of useful data output from expensive next-gen sequencers. The Pippin Prep provides flexible user control to quickly adapt to changing requirements in rapidly-evolving next-gen sequencing applications.