Product News: Focus on Food: A One-day RMS Meeting on Food Imaging at the University of Reading, UK

19 Apr 2013

This meeting brings together food researchers and those working in the food industry who are interested in the microstructure of food.

Subjects covered will include characterisation of structures related to food processing and formulation, identifying microflora and ingredients, and instrumentation for new and existing exploration in this field.


Dr Bettina Wolf, University of Nottingham - Food microstructures: processing, properties, behaviour. How food structuring changes perception

Dr Chris Wright, University of Swansea - Correlation microscopy: molecular probe & confocal in polymers

Dr Pieter Verboven, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven - InsideFood: novel technologies for food microstructure measurement

Mr Gerard Van Dalen, Research and Development Unilever Vlaardingen - Multi-modal imaging and quantitative analysis of food microstructures

Dr Deirdre Kennedy, Teagasc Food Research Centre - Making and breaking food under the microscope: dairy applications

Professor Peter Wilde, Institute of Food Research - Interfacial and colloidal aspects of lipid digestion

The meeting includes a trade exhibition.

The Scientific Organisers of the meeting are Jean-Yves Mugnier (RSSL) and Christopher Parmenter (Nottingham).

Focus on Food is being held at the University of Reading on the 21st May 2013. Register today at