Product News: Roche Launches New MagNA Pure 96 System: A Perfect Combination of Performance and High Throughput

05 Oct 2009

The new MagNA Pure 96 System from Roche Applied Science has been designed and engineered to meet the needs for high throughput laboratories worldwide. The new automated system provides rapid sample processing for increased productivity.

The integrated system enables batch processing of up to 96 samples in parallel ensuring every sample is treated exactly the same while providing extremely quick turnaround time. These characteristics result in a low sample processing time; for typical standard applications, 96 samples can be completely processed with the fully automated MagNA Pure 96 System in less than one hour, including instrument setup. Additionally, prefilled reagent kits and disposables from Roche enable a convenient, safe, and fast setup of purification runs.

The new MagNA Pure 96 System offers a broad field of applications, including isolation of DNA, RNA, and viral nucleic acid. It can be used with various research sample materials such as mammalian whole blood, cells, plasma, serum, PAXgene tubes, or tissue. Sample input volumes range from 50–1000 μl to enable maximum flexibility in respect to the individual needs of yield and sensitivity. The data management is facilitated by the flexible connectivity features, with an optimized data workflow, when used in combination with the LightCycler® 480 System. With the launch of this innovative purification system, Roche is ready to ship the first 20 MagNA Pure 96 Systems in October.