Product News: RheoSense Inc. Announce New Generation Viscometer with Sample Size Down to 50 Microliter

19 Aug 2009

RheoSense introduce the next generation viscometer, m-VROC. The new m-VROC takes viscosity measurement techniques to new heights with user friendliness, ergonomic design, and automation. Exciting new features include an enclosed system complete with all the required hardware providing a high degree of accuracy and reproducibility.

The m-VROC requires the smallest sample volume of 50 microliter which is the target for protein and other biological formulations. The unit is very user friendly and easy to set up and the portable design allows the system to be implemented on or off the process line.

An improved, optional temperature-control (via an external circulating water bath) is provided. An optional purge air supply (connected through an external source) prevents condensation inside the chamber when operating at low temperatures. With the versatility of a wide measurement range (0.1 to 100k cP viscosity) and high shear rates, the m-VROC is capable of analyzing virtually any liquid viscosity value. The NEW m-VROC will meet the stringent R&D or QC requirements of most applications.