Product News: Revolutionary new Evaporator technology accelerates safe solvent removal

04 Sep 2008

Genevac Ltd., world leader in laboratory evaporation science and engineering, has announced the launch of the revolutionary new Rocket™ Evaporator.

Developed in response to users requiring an evaporator that could quickly process large volumes of solvent without supervision, the Rocket Evaporator has been designed to dry or concentrate as many as six flasks (each containing up to 450ml solvent) five times faster than conventional 'intelligent' evaporators. Using a Rocket Evaporator, users are able to focus on other tasks confident that they will achieve perfect, reproducible results every time.

To achieve the dual goals of very fast evaporation, with very precise temperature control to protect valuable samples, the Rocket Evaporator uses a patented new drying technology which uses low temperature steam to directly heat the sample flasks. By pulling a vacuum on the samples, solvent(s) boil at a low temperature, which is determined by the pressure. Genevac's patented Dri-Pure technology further ensures sample integrity by eliminating solvent bumping that can lead to cross contamination.

The new Rocket Evaporator sets a new benchmark for ease-of-use - simply highlight the desired evaporation method using the right hand knob, and press start. New methods can be uploaded via the USB key, and data downloaded in the same way. Offering true unattended operation capability the Rocket Evaporator requires no training, even a beginner can competently use the system in less than 5 minutes.

Two styles of flask are available for use with the Rocket Evaporator, a simple flask for drying or concentrating, and a SampleGenie™ style flask, which enables a large volume sample to be concentrated directly into a small vial.

A 2-stage cold trap built into the Rocket Evaporator, provides very high levels of solvent recovery, even with volatile organic solvents. The 3-litre cold trap auto drains under the control of the evaporator to ensure that optimal solvent recovery is maintained, no matter what mix of solvents is being used.

Requiring no peripherals for operation the compact Rocket Evaporator fits neatly onto a laboratory bench or into a fume hood. All key components on the robust and reliable system are user serviceable ensuring a low the cost of ownership.