Product News: The GRINDOMIX GM 300 used for Cannabis Analyses at the Regional Office of Criminal Investigation in Germany

14 Mar 2013

The GM 300 is very suitable for grinding plant materials which is the main application in the Regional Office of Criminal Investigation in Dresden.

In trials of drug offences, the expertise on the active components of the drug has substantial influence on the penalty. For cannabis, for example, a content of more than 7.5 g tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is already considered critical. The expertise is usually given by the local Office of Criminal Investigation.

In the laboratory of the Regional Office in Dresden, the cannabis plants are first reduced in size, followed by an extraction of several part samples of the ground material. The extracts are then analyzed by gas chromatography.

“We usually deal with larger sample volumes”, explains Thomas Paulick, Laboratory Manager at Dresden’s Regional Office of Criminal Investigation. “Therefore it is essential to extract a representative part from the entire sample amount, to ensure a reliable quantification of the active component. The GM 300 fulfills this requirement: from up to 4 liters of plant material we receive a homogeneous sample from which we can then take approximately 0.5 g for further analyses. We process leaves with remnants of thin twigs as well as highly resinous blossoms without cooling – which is no problem for the knife mill. Grinding time and speed are selected according to the properties of the plant. The closed design and removable grinding container help to reduce the formation of dust during homogenization. To sum it all up, the new GM 300 has proven to be highly suitable for our requirements.”