Product News: RETSCH Further Perfect Compact Bench Top Model of the Jaw Crusher Series

05 Apr 2013

RETSCH has further perfected the compact bench top model of the jaw crusher series. The new BB 50 offers many features which ensure efficient and convenient usage. The speed can be set between 550 and 950 min-1 to allow for perfect adaptation to sample requirements. Another advantage is the so-called zero-point adjustment which helps to compensate for wear of the breaking jaws. Operating the BB 50 is simple and safe. The large hopper facilitates material feed, the capacity of the collecting receptacle has been doubled. The fold-back hopper can be easily removed without using tools, just like the crusher arm. The breaking jaws can be replaced by the user as well.

The space-saving unit fits on any laboratory bench and crushes smaller sample volumes with a feed size of up to 40 mm to a final fineness of approximately 0.5 mm, depending on material properties. There is no other instrument in the market to achieve this in a single operation! Breaking jaws and wearing plates are available in 5 different materials which ensures neutral-to-analysis sample processing.

Benefits at a glance:
• Powerful, compact bench top model
• Achieves final fineness down to approx. 0.5 mm
• Removable fold-back hopper and crusher arm
• Adjustable speed and convenient operation
• Digital display and memory of gap width