Product News: Restek Introduce New Chromotography Product Lines at Pittcon

07 Mar 2011

Restek is the company chromatographers rely on for innovative products and exceptional customer service. Restek product lines include general and specialty gas and liquid chromatography columns, instrument parts and accessories, sample preparation products, reference standards, and air sampling supplies. Restek serve chromatographers across a broad range of industries including, clinical/forensic, environmental, food safety, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical. Stop by booth 2016 at Pittcon or visit the Restek website to learn more about how new Restek products and other innovations can improve your analyses.

True Blue: Sky™ Inlet Liners from Restek
With their distinctive blue color and state-of-the-art deactivation, Sky™ liners make choosing the best inlet liner simple. The innovative deactivation results in exceptional inertness for a wide range of active compounds, giving you better sensitivity, accuracy, and reproducibility. Highly inert Sky™ liners allow you to quantify at trace levels with confidence, even when using wool. In addition to improved data quality, you’ll benefit from fewer liner changes and less downtime for maintenance. Choose blue—the best choice for dependable results.

Rxi®-17Sil MS Columns
The unique Rxi®-17Sil MS phase is specifically optimized for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), making it the best choice for accurate, trace level PAH detection. Rxi®-17Sil MS columns differ in phase chemistry from conventional “17” type (50% diphenyl) columns and the resulting selectivity provides better resolution of critical PAHs. Not all PAHs can be separated on typical 17 type columns—only Rxi®-17Sil MS columns let you quantify isobaric PAHs that cannot be determined by mass spectrometry.

New High Temp Rxi® GC Columns
Restek is pleased to introduce 2 new high temperature fused silica columns that are processed specifically for high temp GC applications. The Rxi®-1HT (100% dimethyl polysiloxane) and Rxi®-5HT (5% diphenyl/95% dimethyl polysiloxane) are stable up to 400 °C, ensuring better accuracy for trace level analyses at high temperatures. Like the entire Rxi® line, these rugged new columns combine exceptional inertness with a long column lifetime, giving you accurate, reliable results every time.

Flip Seal™ Dual Vespel® Ring Inlet Seals
New reversible Flip Seal™ inlet seals from Restek last twice as long as other inlet seals. Simply use—flip—then use again. The reversible design doubles the number of analyses you get per seal. These inlet seals use the same easy sealing mechanism as Dual Vespel® Ring Inlet Seals, meaning no extra washer is needed. Flip Seal™ inlet seals have a lower leak rate than OEM metal seals, and the highly inert gold plated or Siltek® treated surface helps maximize analyte transfer to the column.

Q-sep™ QuEChERS Extraction Salt Packets
Restek now offers Q-sep™ extraction salts for QuEChERS methods in convenient foil packets. These packets are easy to use and eliminate the need for a second tube when transferring extraction salts. Specific blends are available for both AOAC (2007.01) and European (EN 15662) QuEChERS methods. Simplify and speed up sample extraction for pesticide residues using these new packets and other QuEChERS products from Restek.

UltraShield/UltraLine UHPLC Filters
Protect your UHPLC system with new ultra-high pressure filters from Restek. These cost-effective 0.5 µm precolumn filters are available in standard (UltraShield) and in-line (UltraLine) configurations. Stainless steel bodies install quickly with standard parts and are leak tight up to 15,000 psi. Prevent expensive repairs with new UltraShield and UltraLine UHPLC filters.

ProFLOW 6000 Electronic Flowmeter
The ProFLOW 6000 flowmeter measures bidirectional, volumetric flow for most gases including real-time measurements for various types of continually changing gas flow paths. This portable unit is designed for easy hand-held use, and the stand adds bench-top convenience. The ProFLOW 6000 flowmeter accurately measures gases across a range of 0.5-500 mL/min. and is backed by a one-year Restek warranty.