Product News: New GC Columns and Standards for Blood Alcohol Testing

21 Mar 2012

Restek has announced the release of new Rtx®-BAC Plus 1 and Rtx®-BAC Plus 2 columns for blood alcohol testing. These GC columns baseline separate all critical compounds, including ethanol, methanol, acetone, tert-butanol (IS), acetaldehyde, isopropanol, and 1-propanol (IS), in less than 2 minutes. Every column is quality tested with these important target compounds in order to ensure performance. Optimized column selectivity’s guarantee resolution of ethanol, internal standards, and frequently encountered interferences.

In addition to the GC columns, new BAC resolution control standards with either tert-butanol or 1-propanol internal standard are now available. These check standards are used to verify the retention time for each compound normally included in a blood alcohol test. They also are used to confirm that the analytes are well resolved from each other and do not interfere with one another.

New Rtx®-BAC Plus 1 and Rtx®-BAC Plus 2 columns and BAC resolution control standards are designed to provide definitive results quickly, allowing increased sample throughput for blood alcohol testing.