Product News: OEM Benchtop Instrument Series Revealed

13 Mar 2012

Renishaw has introduced its latest product range; the RA800-series of OEM benchtop instrument solutions. Based on a generic platform design, these high performance instruments can be configured to provide tailored chemical and materials analysis solutions across a range of application areas.

Simplicity and ease of use make the RA800-series ideally suited for routine use in laboratories, QA/QC, and at-line. Now you can have research grade Raman microscopy performance in a Class 1 laser safe, simple to use form, with software to match. Innovative technology results in very rapid data collection of high resolution spectra and Raman images. RA800s can be configured in a range of variants, which differ in excitation wavelength, spectral coverage, sample handling, and software. This enables OEM companies to provide a system that is optimized for customers' requirements.

Although the RA800-series has had its first public showing at Pittcon 2012, one variant is already in use with Renishaw Diagnostics Ltd (RDL), where it forms part of RDL's RenDx™ RUO Multiplex Assay System, developed as a tool for research into infectious diseases.