Product News: Relax - there are seven detection modes working for you

25 Apr 2007

Tecan’s highly sensitive and extremely fast Safire2™ and Infinite™ F500 microplate readers offer seven different detection modes, saving valuable time for a wide range of high throughput applications in the biotech, pharmaceutical, research and cosmetics industries. Both instruments provide very reliable performance with top quality results for fluorescence intensity top, fluorescence intensity bottom, absorbance, flash luminescence, glow luminescence, fluorescence polarization, time resolved and homogenous time resolved fluorescence detection modes.

The Safire2 includes Tecan’s exclusive quad4 monochromator™ technology, which blocks stray light and the resulting background noise by a factor of 106 times more than typical dual monochromator-based designs, providing improved sensitivity, accuracy, flexibility and speed. The four monochromators eliminate the need for cumbersome filter changes while providing more accurate scans up to six times faster than standard, dual monochromator-based systems. The filter-based Infinite F500 includes a new concept of programmable filter slides that store application-specific filter information on a microchip. The versatile instrument is also incredibly fast and, with the ‘on the fly’ measurement mode, it can read a 1,536-well plate in under 30 seconds. These two modular and upgradeable systems can handle any microplate format, from 6 to 1,536 wells, and are easily integrated into Tecan’s Freedom EVO® series of liquid handling workstations.