Product News: Reduced Running Costs - Analysis of Sugars in Chocolate Bars using the Metrohm 817 Bioscan

26 Jun 2008

Sugars are carbohydrate – macronutrients - that serve as the main source of energy for the body. The main sugars in milk and dark chocolate are sucrose, glucose and fructose with milk chocolate also containing lactose derived from the milk used during production. As well as the flavour characteristics that sugar imparts to a specific product, they can also serve to keep the product moist and discourage bacterial growth.

The analysis of the different sugars present in a bar of chocolate can reliably and affordably be quantified using Pulsed Amperometric Detection (PAD) with the 817 Bioscan from Metrohm. PAD offers a reliable and quick means of process control of the different sugars that make up a typical bar of chocolate to ensure batch reproducibility and maintain the flavour profile that the consumer demands from a particular brand. The Bioscan employs a virtually maintenance free measuring cell which means that polishing of the working electrode is no longer required – resulting in improved instrument analysis uptimes and a reduction in the running costs.

It is possible to operate the Bioscan either as a standalone sugar analyser, for example with a Metrohm Compact IC, or in conjunction with a Metrohm Advanced Modular IC System for the determination also of anions and cations. The system(s) requires no costly eluent cartridges or overhead gases, simply basic laboratory reagents and a supply of ultra-pure deionised water.

Typical sample preparation involves solving a portion of chocolate in ultra-pure water with sonication, then injection with inline sample filtration using the Metrohm 838 Advanced Sample Processor to maximise sample throughput and reduce the sample pre-treatment and analysis operating costs.

For the opportunity to discuss the reduced running costs available for the analysis of sugars in chocolate bars using the Metrohm 817 Bioscan system please contact Metrohm.