Reduce Spinout with Scienceware® Rare Earth – Samarium Cobalt Spinbar® Octagon Magnetic Stirring Bars
07 Apr 2011

A stronger magnetic stirring bar can reduce spinout and save users time and frustration when stirring viscous solutions or stirring at high speeds. Scienceware® Rare Earth – Samarium Cobalt Spinbar® Octagon Magnetic Stirring Bars have a stronger energy magnet that provides stronger coupling with the drive magnet when compared to Alnico magnetic stirring bars.

“Users can be more confident and move on to other tasks while mixing with Rare Earth - Samarium Cobalt stirring bars knowing that the chance of decoupling is greatly reduced,” says Lenny Hernandez, Product Manager for Bel-Art Products. “Then you can spend more time on other tasks, and less time babysitting your stirring project.”
“Testing was performed using 1/2” x 3/8” magnetic stirring bars. It was found that the Samarium Cobalt bar had up to three times stronger stirring power as opposed to the alnico bar,” according to Hernandez.
Scienceware® Rare Earth - Samarium Cobalt Magnetic Stirring Bars have an octagon shape with a pivot ring. This creates strong turbulence yet produces minimal chattering and friction. They are manufactured in a Registered ISO 9001:2008, as Verified by SGS Certification and can be autoclaved for sterility.

Coated in distinctive, bright green Teflon® PTFE, they are easy to differentiate from other stirring bars. “There is no need to mark them or keep them in a different place,” added Hernandez. “They are easily identifiable, even from a distance.”

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