Product News: Raptor Launches Kingfisher V, A Deep Cooled Vacuum Based CCD

17 Dec 2012

Raptor Photonics, a global leader in the design and manufacture of high performance digital cameras has launched the Kingfisher V, a deep cooled vacuum based CCD using Raptor’s revolutionary new vacuum technology called PentaVac™.

According to Mark Donaghy, Raptor’s VP of Sales & Marketing, “The Kingfisher V is our deep cooled version of the Sony ICX694 6MP sensor. This is our first camera using PentaVac™ technology, enabling us to cool the sensor down to Δ-111°C.

“The Kingfisher V has 4.54μm x 4.54μm pixels enabling ultra sharp image resolution and QE of up to 77%. The extremely low dark current of 0.000001 e/p/s is achieved by deep cooling, either by water or air. Cooling to Δ-111°C will enable long exposure times and with readout noise of less than 1.5 electrons Kingfisher V is the perfect camera for staring applications” he continued.

“The Kingfisher V is a 16 bit Interline Frame Transfer CCD with both monochrome and color options. It is an ultra-compact and rugged camera designed to MilSpec standards. The PentaVac™ vacuum has a lifetime warranty. We see huge potential for this camera in the research market especially in fluorescence applications” he finished.

The new CCD will be showcased at ASCB 2012.