Product News: New Liquid Homocysteine Assay Available from Randox

12 Jun 2012

Randox have announced the release of a new liquid stable homocysteine kit, for the convenient and accurate determination of homocysteine in human serum and plasma. Homocysteine is a potential indicator of a number of disease markers and should therefore be an integral part of a laboratory’s testing menu.

Homocysteine is a sulphur-containing amino acid which is produced by the demethylation of methionine. Homocysteine should be converted by vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid into useful substances. However, if the body is suffering from a lack of these nutrients, the process of homocysteine conversion is affected and levels rise. Elevated levels of homocysteine (Hyperhomocysteinemia) are considered to be a risk factor for a number of health problems including CVD, stroke, dementia, complicated pregnancy and osteoporosis.

Although the vast majority of tests are concerned with detecting high levels of homocysteine, it is also important to note that low levels of this analyte can also prove to be detrimental. Homocysteine is a necessary component for the production of protein and tissue within the body, therefore levels should not be lower than 5µmol/L. The Randox test can aid in the diagnosis of both elevated and depleted levels of homocysteine and the diverse range of potential health problems associated with these.

The Randox homocysteine assays are ready to use and provide excellent on-board stability which minimizes reagent waste. The wide measuring range of 1.74µmol/L – 47.9µmol/L allows for both normal and abnormal values to be accurately measured. There is also limited interference from Bilirubin, Hemoglobin, Intralipids and Triglycerides, enabling optimum performance and the generation of precise, reliable results.