Product News: Radiometer’s POC System Ensures Quality and Regulatory Compliance

27 Jan 2012

Radiometer’s new AQURE point-of-care (POC) management system, offers hospitals a customizable, highly flexible and scalable software solution with the capability to monitor and control the performance of their POC testing platform.

AQURE supports Radiometer’s blood gas and immunoassay analyzers, allowing for their remote access and control. The system is easy to use and features a device centre, with an elegant, customizable dashboard providing a clear overview of the POC testing environment.

The AQURE system is built on Microsoft® technology, making it easy to integrate into existing hospital IT infrastructures. The open architecture also allows for the monitoring and control of non-Radiometer point-of-care devices. All results and events from connected devices are evaluated based on a rules engine which looks for critical errors and issues automatic notifications in the event of a problem.

AQURE simplifies procedures and supports straightforward data interpretation to offer significant time savings. With interactive overview reports and an audit trail to provide traceability, systems are always inspection-ready. Regulatory compliance is enhanced by allowing for remote management of operators and their ongoing competency-based training assessment.