Product News: Quantachrome to Showcase Latest Chemisorption Analyzer at 21NAM Conference

02 Jun 2009

Quantachrome Instruments, a leading manufacturer of materials characterization instruments, will be exhibiting its new Pulsar TPR/TPD catalyst characterization unit during the 21NAM Conference of the North American Catalysis Society in San Francisco, June 8-11, 2009.

The Pulsar is the latest in Quantachrome's line of gas sorption-related products for porous materials characterization. The Pulsar features a number of automatic features such as gas switching, furnace ramping, furnace cooling and pulse titration, via Windows-compatible software.

Dr Martin Thomas, Quantachrome's Director of Business Development, notes "the Pulsar represents the affordable automated solution for TPR/TPO/TPD measurements and rapid metal area determination for anyone involved in catalyst characterization". Dr Thomas will be on hand during 21NAM to answer questions and to provide practical advise on catalyst characterization techniques.