Product News: Aquadyne DVS-1: New Gravimetric Water Vapor Sorption Analyzer

19 Oct 2011

Quantachrome Instruments’ new Aquadyne DVS-1 is the single sample version of the original dual sample Aquadyne DVS gravimetric water vapor sorption instrument. The new DVS-1 model has been developed to address the needs of the smaller materials R&D and characterization laboratories and those with fewer samples to be analyzed.

Water vapor sorption is an important property of a wide variety of materials such as pharmaceuticals, foods, building materials, battery and fuel cell components, adsorbents like activated carbon, zeolites, aluminas and silicas. The Aquadyne DVS series is characterized by its high sensitivity (0.1 microgram) combined with high balance load capability (up to 5g), a Peltier-driven heating/cooling thermostat, easily accessible sample chamber, and now a choice of a single-sample version, the Aquadyne DVS-1, or a two-sample version, the Aquadyne DVS-2. The two sample version analyzes two samples in parallel in the same RH/temperature controlled chamber, each sample being weighed by its own balance. This configuration provides for simultaneous measurements resulting in an increase in analysis throughput.