Product News: QImaging Introduces the Rolera EM-C2™ EMCCD Camera for High-Speed, High-Sensitivity Imaging

20 Jul 2010

QImaging, a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance, easy-to-use digital cameras for life science and industrial applications, announces the release of the Rolera EM-C2 EMCCD microscopy camera. Engineered for high-sensitivity and high-speed performance in low-light imaging applications, the Rolera EM-C2 camera aids researchers in applications such as spinning-disc confocal imaging, Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF) microscopy, ratiometric ion imaging and Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching (FRAP).

Fast frame rates essential to cutting-edge live cell imaging studies are enabled by the camera’s 40 MHz pixel clock rate. Up to 34.2 full-resolution (one megapixel) frames per second can be read out and transferred over an optimized 800 Mb/s implementation of the IEEE 1394b FireWire protocol. The Rolera EM-C2 delivers very low noise and high-sensitivity (~65% peak quantum efficiency) across a broad spectrum common to fluorescence experiments. Peltier cooling to -50º C minimizes dark current for longer exposures. Variable exposure times range from 200 microseconds to 17.9 minutes.

The Rolera EM-C2 introduces the Easy-EM mode, which optimizes camera EM Gain settings with a single click. Application of EM Gain boosts the signal-to-noise ratio, enabling researchers to acquire clear images under extremely low-light conditions. Researchers no longer have to gauge sensitivity using the arbitrary sliders that are required with the use of existing cameras to estimate necessary EM Gain. “Applying excessive EM Gain increases noise leading to the degradation of image quality. Too little EM Gain will not effectively reduce noise. The Easy-EM function sets the camera directly to an optimal signal-to-noise setting so users can capture the best possible data for every single experiment, time after time,” explained Rachit Mohindra, QImaging associate product manager.

The camera includes the QCapture Suite software and can be installed and operational within minutes out of the box. As with all other QImaging cameras, the Rolera EM-C2 is backed by an industry-leading two-year limited warranty. Each camera also meets the high standards of the QImaging’s Product Quality Policy and is further backed by a team of support technicians trained in specific applications and installation procedures.