Product News: QIMAGING® Introduces QCAPTURE PRO 7™ Software For Life Sciences Digital Imaging

10 Aug 2011

QImaging, a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance, easy-to-use digital cameras for life science and industrial applications, released QCapture Pro 7 imaging software. Redesigned with a new user interface that supports life science researchers, QCapture Pro 7 provides easy image acquisition with intuitive and advanced imaging capabilities.

As an enhanced upgrade from prior versions, QCapture Pro 7 is also rich in functionality supporting time-lapse imaging, advanced color rendition and profiling, and multiple-channel merging. The software offers a tabbed-based user interface with quick access toolbars to assist the user with the digital acquisition workflow.

Since the software’s original release in 2006, QImaging continues to invest resources in the development of image capture workflow that fully supports the intrinsic needs of researchers for capturing and saving images under a microscope.

“We’ve designed the software to provide complete control and flexibility with support for a wide range of applications,” said Chris Ryan, QImaging associate product manager. “Users can simply capture an image, place a scale bar and save. Advanced features enable users to tint, stream movies and push the limits of their cameras.”

An enhanced Auto Contrast mode is also available for low light and fluorescent microscopy, enabling researchers to quickly visualise images at varying exposure times. Additional tools include saturation, pseudo color and tinting. A quick data export function to Microsoft Office applications such as Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint enables researchers to directly import graphs and tables for documentation and publication. QCapture Pro 7 incorporates all of these features into its Windows 7 designed interface.

Alongside the enhanced interface, QCapture Pro 7 also provides the following enhancements:
• Support for Windows 7 32-bit & 64-bit operating systems
• Snap and Save for streamlining and simplifying image acquisition
• Dynamic Auto Range and Best Fit that automatically sets the optimal contrast levels and dynamic range for each image preview

QCapture Pro 7 supports all QImaging cameras including its MicroPublisher Series, Retiga Series, EXi Series, and the QICAM digital camera and QIClick CCD camera.