Product News: QIAGEN launches Multiplex PCR Plus Kit

22 Jul 2011

QIAGEN launches the Multiplex PCR Plus Kit, designed for rapid and sensitive multiplex PCR that allows researchers to amplify several targets in one PCR run. The kit provides fast reaction times and comes with a pre-optimised protocol, eliminating the need for optimisation and delivering reliable results on the first attempt.

The master mix included with the Multiplex PCR Plus Kit contains the enzyme HotStarTaq® Plus DNA Polymerase, as well as a balanced combination of salts and additives, which increases multiplex reaction specificity and ensures comparable efficiencies for all primers in the PCR reaction. This proprietary technology allows straightforward assay development for many challenging applications, such as detection of mutations or microsatellites and microbial genotyping.

The kit also includes CoralLoad® - a buffer that contains two dyes that improves pipetting visibility during reaction setup, gel loading, and visualization of DNA migration. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to use other dyes for gel electrophoresis. Downstream analysis of the multiplex PCR products can be performed with a variety of methods such as agarose gels, capillary sequencers, as well as multicapillary electrophoresis with the QIAxcel® Advanced System.