Product News: New Xpedition Software Processes, Analyzes and Reports 2D Gel Data for Proteomic Studies

28 Sep 2009

Alpha Innotech announces the release of Xpedition™ 2D gel analysis software. Xpedition provides powerful tools for the processing and analysis of 2D gel images for proteomic studies, with a simplified, streamlined workflow that allows scientists to quickly and reproducibly extract information from 2D gels.

Highlights include automatic image QC to immediately notify the researcher of problems before analysis begins, advanced image alignment for the best possible matching of spots between gels, and post-alignment review so the scientist can check that alignment is satisfactory prior to analysis. Spots are automatically detected based on user-defined spot selection criteria, multiple images can be processed simultaneously, and spots can be visually assessed using 2D /3D montage views of all gels in the experiment.

Fold-change values relative to a reference image are automatically calculated, significant spots are ranked by ANOVA, and are highlighted on the image to help with manual spot picking. Printable experiment reports, including data and images, can be generated. Xpedition software comes with the FluorChem® Xplor, the proteomics imaging workstation from Alpha Innotech, and is also available as a stand alone software package.