Product News: AlphaView 3.0 Software Offers Automation, Improved Lab Workflow, and Increased Throughput for Imaging Customers

28 Jul 2009

Alpha Innotech Corp., a leading provider of imaging solutions for life science research, continues in its commitment to making complex data analysis straightforward and user-friendly with the release of AlphaView® 3.0. This new version of Alpha Innotech’s image analysis software package includes several new features that improve its ease of use and increase laboratory workflow – now scientists can complete image capture, analyze their data, and generate custom data reports with just a few clicks.

“Market research and customer feedback show the value customers place on ease-ofuse in image analysis packages,” said Lisa Isailovic, Marketing Manager at Alpha Innotech. “With this product release we are delivering a software package that enables customers to easily generate meaningful data from their biological studies.”

AlphaView 3.0 introduces a new graphical user interface that, along with workfloworiented analysis modules and available pop-up help, makes the software even more user-friendly and intuitive. A new wizard, AlphaNavigator™, walks novice users step-bystep through the acquisition process, allowing the capture of optimal images with no prior training. A new automated report generation tool within analysis modules produces customized reports, including images and analysis results, to be saved or printed for easy recordkeeping.

AlphaView is designed to meet the imaging needs of the molecular biology laboratory, and includes analysis tools for determining band concentrations and molecular weights, colony counting, and quantifying macroarray intensities. AlphaView provides simultaneous viewing of multiple images, and synchronized zooming and panning of multiple images. Acquisition and analysis protocols can be saved and recalled to increase reproducibility across experiments.

Alpha Innotech expects the new software to improve lab workflow and increase throughput. “A key foundation of our product design at Alpha Innotech is that instruments and software be intuitive for all scientists from the first use, without prior experience using our products,” says Sia Ghazvini, Vice President of Marketing for Alpha Innotech.

“We are excited to introduce the new AlphaView software, which incorporates many new functions in an extremely intuitive interface that enables even first-time users to successfully capture their images and carry out complex data analysis.” AlphaView 3.0 will be included with Alpha Innotech’s FluorChem® and AlphaImager® families of imaging systems, and is also available as a stand-alone software for image analysis.