Product News: User-Friendly Kits for Fast and Sensitive Measurement of Cell Viability and Proliferation

03 Nov 2010

Fluorometric Cell Viability Kits are based on the conversion of non-fluorescent resazurin into the red-fluorescent resorufin in viable cells, or the hydrolyzation of cell membrane-permeable, non-fluorescent calcein-AM into cell membrane-impermeable, green-fluorescent calcein by active esterases in living cells.

PromoKine’s Colorimetric Cell Viability Kits utilize the tetrazolium salts MTT, XTT, WST-1 or WST-8 that are reduced to orange formazan dyes by dehydrogenases present in viable cells. The absorbance of the formazan dyes is proportional to the number of metabolically active cells and can be measured directly without additional processing.

Our Bioluminescent Cell Viability Kits measure the ATP level as a marker for cell viability in mammalian cells and utilize the enzyme luciferase to catalyze the ATP-dependent, light-producing oxidation of luciferin. This light formation can be measured using a luminometer or beta counter.
More reagents and kits for cell staining and analysis of cellular processes (e.g. apoptosis, cytotoxicity, cell signaling & metabolim) can be found on our website.