Product News: Broad Range of Excellent Fluorescence Dyes for Coupling to Proteins and Nucleic Acids

01 Nov 2010

The available PromoFluor dyes (e.g. PromoFluor-488, PromoFluor-555, PromoFluor-590, & PromoFluor-647) from PromoCell span the wavelengths spectrum from blue to far red and include very cost-effective alternatives to well-known fluorophores.

These dyes show an outstanding photostability, a strong absorption, high fluorescence quantum yield and a very good water solubility. The intensity increases when coupled to biomolecules resulting in reduced influence of uncoupled dyes. PromoCell’s PromoFluor dyes are available as carboxylic acids, NHS esters and maleimides as well as conjugates with amino groups, biotin, avidin & streptavidin.

They are very useful for labeling proteins, antibodies and nucleic acids e.g. in immunofluorescence microscopy, FISH, proteomics and microarray applications. PromoKine also offers a wide range of high-quality PromoFluor-labeled secondary antibodies and phalloidins as well as ready-to-use protein, antibody and DNA labeling kits with different PromoFluor dyes at an excellent price/performance ratio. Phycobiliproteins (R-PE, B-PE and allophycocyanin) for fluorescent biomolecule labeling as well as the according conjugates and labeling kits are also available.