Product News: New PowerPlex® Y23 STR System Reveals More Y-STR Loci in Half the Time

13 Jul 2012

Promega Corporation announces the newest addition to the PowerPlex® STR Systems family, the PowerPlex® Y23 System-a rapid human identification Y-Short Tandem Repeat (Y-STR) assay for forensic casework, offender databasing and relationship testing. Thermal cycling time is cut roughly in half, and the system detects substantially more Y-STR loci than current systems. The multiplex system uses rapid cycling to co-amplify 23 Y-STR loci, which provides maximum discrimination. In addition, these 23 loci include many of the Y-STR loci found in key STR databases in the US and Europe.

The system works with extracted DNA, including difficult samples with lower amounts of template and male:female mixtures. Streamlined protocols are provided for reference, database and paternity testing. The combination of reduced sample preparation time and shorter cycling times results in a significant reduction in total time to process samples. For many laboratories, this will save more than a half day per plate.

Numerous forensic laboratories from around the globe participated in testing of the PowerPlex Y23 System. Alpha tests were focused on overall product performance, including sensitivity, specificity and inhibitor tolerance. A majority of testers were able to detect profiles with as little as 32.5pg of DNA, and complete profiles were detected with 62pg of male DNA in the presence of 400ng of female DNA (6450-fold excess). Most testers have expressed an interest in bringing the PowerPlex Y23 System online in their laboratories. Some testers have even called it "a new standard in Y-STR analysis." In addition, Promega is actively working with laboratories to generate and upload population data generated with the new loci included in the PowerPlex Y23 System into the YHRD and the U.S. Y-STR databases.

The additional loci and increased gene diversity improve scientists' ability to distinguish individuals from different paternal lines. The PowerPlex Y23 System is useful in multiple applications, including paternity testing, offender databasing and forensic casework such as sexual assault cases, missing persons investigations and familial searching initiatives.