Product News: PrepLab Software to Streamline Sample Prep

28 Oct 2011

CSols have announced the release of its PrepLab software, designed to help organize and streamline the preparation of samples for further laboratory analysis. It is particularly well suited to the handling of solid samples such as ores, metals, powders, soil and coal, as well as liquid samples.

PrepLab can be configured and customized to suit different settings, including input from barcode readers, direct interfacing with devices such as balances or analytical instruments and/or the incorporation of additional labeling. Blanks, QC samples and standards may also be added interactively into the run to suit local Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

PrepLab allows users to record the placement of samples into their respective preparation or autosampler trays whilst also being able to save the actual run list for direct use by their instrument when performing analysis later. Unlike LIMS, PrepLab allows users to work in an ‘ad hoc’ way, processing samples as they arrive rather than in strict date order. This means that analysts can very easily add urgent samples, blanks, standards and QCs saving time looking around for samples. Sample details can be added through the keyboard manually or via an attached barcode scanner.

PrepLab can also be configured to receive sample weights electronically from one or more balances. Options can include simple data capture or a series of operations to support for example the determination of moisture content and stones in soils, for the fire assay of ores or for ash content.

PrepLab can also create further sample labels to for example label portions of the original sample that need to be routed to different laboratory sections. The design of these labels is configurable and can include the original sample identifier as well other derived information such as weights, test codes and even the type of container that the sample should be placed in.

Where a laboratory uses a LIMS, PrepLab can synchronize with it directly without the need for any manual entry. This can include the ‘weight’ results as well as confirmation of the sample separation and processing as well labeling sub-samples/aliquots.

CSols PrepLab solution is making a considerable improvement to routine sample handling, in particular to:

• easily following the processing of samples during pre-analytical preparation and processing making it simple for routine users
• ensuring unambiguous sample labeling of sample portions for onward use in the laboratory
• providing a single point for transcription free updating of LIMS which in turn ensures synchronization and accelerates instrument results processing
• improving turnaround times
• reducing costs and transcription errors.