Product News: Power, Speed and Control for Fluorescence Microscopy

09 Sep 2011

Lumen Dynamics has introduced the X-Cite® XLED1, a high-powered LED illumination solution offering advanced triggering capabilities that enable precise time control for high-speed image automation. XLED1 also provides instant switching of wavelengths and amongst the fastest LED pulsing on the market for greater data integrity in microscopy imaging applications.

“The X-Cite XLED1 platform is an extremely convenient system to use for excitation or photolysis,” stated Professor Christopher Yip, University of Toronto. “Integration into our existing setup was incredibly easy and the touch screen control panel provided a simple and precise method to control the device and even save protocols for multiple experiments - a great alternative for laser-based systems.”

With optimized excitation through high-powered LEDs via narrow spectral profiles, the XLED1 delivers maximum illumination right at the sample plane. Providing some of the finest light intensity control commercially available, the XLED1 system empowers researchers with full control to achieve optimal imaging. The XLED1 offers an expanding selection of simple plug and play LED modules delivering maximum flexibility for a wide range of applications.

“Our new X-Cite® XLED1 is a high-powered, advanced LED solution that has brought high-speed automation capabilities to live cell imaging enabling researchers to focus on what’s most important – their research,” said Allan Firhoj, President and CEO at Lumen Dynamics. “As an industry pioneer and innovator with a broad product portfolio and the largest installed base in the world, we continue to leverage the company’s expertise in light applications to deliver superior fluorescence illumination solutions without compromise.”