Product News: Field-Flow Fractionation MALS - High Resolution Separation and Characterization for Polymers and Gels

28 Jul 2008

Postnova Analytics introduces the new award winning TF2000-MALS Thermal Field-Flow Fractionation – Multi-Angle Light Scattering system series, on display at Booth 220 at the 236th ACS National Meeting & Exposition, August 17-21, 2008, in Philadelphia. It is a truly unique and innovative technology for polymer and gel separation and characterization. The analysis can be achieved over a huge molar mass and size range and under extremely gentle conditions without any shear forces and sample degradation. Molar mass and particle size can be calculated directly without the need of any standards using the fully integrated Multi-Angle Light Scattering detector.

The TF2000-MALS series is technically comparable to a GPC-MALS system, but without having the disadvantages of common SEC/GPC technology. The column is replaced by a special separation channel without any stationary phase inside. Separation and retention takes place under the influence of a thermal separation field gradient. Polymers and gel particles, such as starches, rubbers and latex particles, can be easily separated from 10E4 to 10E9 Da and from 1 nm to 10 µm. Contrary to GPC, the Thermal Field-Flow Fractionation does not have a size exclusion limit, which confines the separation of high molecular mass samples.


  • Ultra-high resolution and extremely broad separation range
  • No shear forces and gentle separation conditions for polymers
  • Lower flow rates and reduced solvent consumption compared to GPC
  • Re-usable channel without consumables; no need to purchase columns

The Postnova TF2000-MALS system comprises of a Thermal Field-Flow Fractionation separation unit plus the seamlessly integrated Multi-Angle Light Scattering and Refractive Index detection units. The NovaFFF Software platform controls the complete FFF-MALS-RI system, acquires the data and allows the direct calculation of the corresponding molar mass and size. Other detectors, such as UV, Fluorescence, ELSD and Charged Particle detectors can be connected as well.

By presenting the new TF2000-MALS Series, Postnova has reached the next level of perfection in Thermal FFF-MALS technology. The TF2000-MALS Series provides an invaluable tool to any researcher who is in the need of characterizing complex, broad distributed, sticky, high molar mass and gel-type materials. The technology offers the important advantage of a huge separation range on the one hand and a superb separation performance on the other hand. Polymers and particles can be separated and analyzed with unprecedented accuracy and with higher resolution than in chromatography, avoiding all the drawbacks associated with packed columns. All together this makes the TF2000 Series the new standard technology for polymer and particle separation.