Product News: Polymer Char Releases GPC One Software Platform for Polyolefins Analysis

29 Sep 2010

Polymer Char announces the release of its GPC One software platform, developed to fulfill the requirements of the Polyolefin characterization laboratories. This new platform is able to integrate in a single user-friendly interface, information gathered by the different detectors used in GPC/SEC technique, different types of viscometers as well as infrared detectors for chemical composition analysis.

The GPC One software platform is the result of a close collaboration between leading scientists in the Chemical Industry and Polymer Char engineers which begun by the end of 2006 and ended in 2010 with the development of this new GPC/SEC software package. GPC One architecture allows customized calibration and analysis procedures, so that it fits any laboratory-specific need. The GPC One reporting module offers the versatility required in today’s laboratories in which different reports and data formats need to be supported. GPC One integrates quality control tracking tools (SQC database) in the data processing workflow in order to simplify the task of system performance verification.

The GPC One software is incorporated in the new Polymer Char GPC-IR instrument and can be added to other GPC instruments through the use of the modern Data Unit 200.