Product News: PIKE Technologies Offer Photoacoustic Accessories by Gasera

22 Mar 2013

PIKE Technologies is now offering photoacoustic accessories by Gasera. The PA301 is a multipurpose analyzer for solids and liquids and the PA101 is a dedicated gas analyzer. The innovation of the PA101/301 lies in its patented cantilever pressure sensor that is over 100 times more sensitive compared to a membrane which is used in conventional PAS designs.

Photoacoustic spectroscopy (PAS) is a powerful sampling alternative for the analysis of materials that may be problematic due to their chemical or physical nature when analyzed using traditional spectroscopic sampling techniques such as transmission, ATR, specular or diffuse reflection. Highly absorbing samples, layered polymers, fibers, and samples like minerals and soils with varying surface roughness can be successfully analyzed by PAS.

For gas analysis, the PA101 features a small 30 ml cell and offers significant stability and reliability without frequent background measurements. Typical applications include head space analysis, outgassing experiments, synthesis and decomposition analysis, down to sub-ppm level.

PA301 and PA101 are compatible with a wide range of FTIR spectrometers.