Product News: Pike Technologies Launch New Hollow Waveguide Probes for Reaction Monitoring

14 Feb 2013

PIKE Technologies is introducing two new ATR diamond probes designed to perform under demanding experimental conditions typical in the reaction monitoring environment. The probes feature a two-reflection monolithic diamond. With shaft diameters of 6.35 mm and length of 178 mm, they are suitable for use in a wide variety of reaction vessels.

The ATR probe options include a selection of diamond, ZnSe and Ge crystals and can be used to analyze soft materials and for research including development of cosmetics and clinical dermatology.

Both probes feature a Hastelloy® body and chemically-inert gold gasket. The high performance model is designed to withstand 8.3 MPa pressure and temperatures of up to 150 °C. A lower cost option is also available for use under more forgiving conditions which offers a temperature range of ambient to 80 °C.

The probes utilize hollow waveguides for IR energy transfer. Such a configuration offers multiple advantages over traditional chalcogenide fibers – including durability, coverage of full mid-IR spectral range and lower cost. The sample compartment-mounted PIKE FlexIR accessory serves as on optical interface and provides a dedicated MCT detector module – assuring optimal performance and sensitivity.