Product News: PIKE Technologies Introduces Out-of-Compartment Microplate Reader for UV-Vis Spectrophotometers

22 Mar 2013

PIKE Technologies introduces the Out-of-Compartment Microplate Reader compatible with selected models of mid-range and research style UV-Vis spectrophotometers. This new product adds high-throughput plate reading capability to traditional instruments. Two configurations are available – one that uses transfer optics and two optical fibers to guide the light to the plate reader, and another that features one fiber and a dedicated photodiode detector mounted in the accessory. In addition to typical bioassay measurements the PIKE Microplate Reader can also be adapted to perform automated measurements of filters, optical components and other materials.

The mechanical design of the accessory relies on an XY stage with both axes driven by high precision servo motors with optical encoders for speed and reproducibility. USB and DC power are the only external connections required to operate this product. Programming and control of the Microplate Reader is done through PIKE Technologies’ AutoPRO software, which can be integrated with many third-party UV-Vis software packages. The Microplate Reader features a small footprint and can be positioned next to or above the spectrophotometer.