Product News: Sensitive 128x128 EMCCD Camera with On-Board Intelligence for Highly Quantitative Results

05 Nov 2010

The Evolve 128 EMCCD camera from Photometics provides researchers with an enhanced imaging tool that includes onboard camera intelligence features such as QuantView™ and Background Event Reduction Technology™.

These powerful features provide researchers reduced noise with precise, accurate and highly quantitative measurement. Evolve 128 delivers unparalleled performance with the industry’s highest frame rates and extreme sensitivity for demanding low-light applications.

On-board intelligence gives the Evolve EMCCD cameras a unique feature set that is only available from Photometrics. Prior to Evolve, cameras produced output data in arbitrary units making it time-consuming and challenging to reproduce study results. The Evolve’s Quant-View technology is the first to provide a repeatable methodology to gather and interpret live imaging data by reading out pixel values in photoelectrons -- a standardized unit of measurement.

Precise measurement is crucial in any experiment and especially in high-speed, low-light imaging. The Evolve 128’s standardized data, in conjunction with its highest frame-rates, sub-electron read noise and stability provide superior performance. The camera is ideally suited for techniques such as In Vivo imaging and Cell Physiology, as well as extremely low light applications such as spinning disk confocal microscopy, and single molecule fluorescence (SMF).

The Evolve 128 is available with new and exclusive eXcelon™ Technology, a breakthrough back-illuminated CCD and EMCCD detector technology which was developed jointly by e2V, Princeton Instruments and Photometrics. eXcelon sensor technology gives a significant increase in the broadband quantum efficiency in the blue wavelengths while reducing fringe effects (etaloning) in the near Infra-Red wavelengths.