Product News: Phenomenex to Present Column Technologies for Maximum Performance at HPLC 2010

14 Jun 2010

Visit booth 315 to learn more about new products for increasing HPLC performance on any instrument, including recently introduced Kinetex® columns and new Lux™ phases for chiral separations. Join Phenomenex on Wednesday for a vendor seminar on maximizing your separation performance on any instrument platform using core-shell technology.

Kinetex core-shell technology columns deliver ultra-high performance to ANY LC system. Achieve sub-2 µm efficiencies at significantly lower backpressures that are compatible with conventional HPLC systems.

Simplification of chiral separations has never been easier with Lux columns. We’re introducing two brand new phases for chiral separations: Lux Cellulose-3 and Cellulose-4! Our Lux chiral screening kits now offer five complementary polysaccharide-based chiral selectivities to increase your chances of success. Chiral Screening Services are now available to assist with your method development and scale-up projects.

Vendor Seminar
W, June 23, 1:00 – 2:00 PM
Room 304
• Maximizing HPLC Separation Performance on Conventional Instrumentation
• Realizing Ultra-High Performance with UHPLC-MS/MS Using Kinetex Core-Shell Sorbents and Considerations for Instrument Optimization

Technical Presentations
Tu, June 22, 5:35 PM, Ballroom B
• Core-Shell Particles at the Highest Level of Chromatographic Performance

• Performance Evaluation and Reversal of Enantiomer Elutions During Screening of Immobilized and Coated Polysaccharide Chiral HPLC Columns in Different Systems
• Food Safety Analysis: LC/MS/MS Applications Using New Core-Shell Technology LC Columns
• Two Nearly Identical Rapid High-Throughput LC/MS/MS Assays for 13 Commonly Prescribed Pain Management Drugs and 11 Drugs of Abuse Expanded SAMHSA Drugs from Urine with Cleanup Using Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)
• Comparisons of Core-Shell Particles and Sub-2 um Totally Porous Silica Particles for Demanding High-Throughput Separations
• Methods for Realizing the High Efficiency of Core-Shell Particles with Conventional HPLC Systems