Product News: Phenomenex to Present Chromatography Solutions for Mass Spectrometry at ASMS 2010

18 May 2010

Visit Phenomenex to see new column and sample preparation options for LC-MS and GC-MS applications. Poster presentations will discuss Phenomenex research into areas such as clinical toxicology, oligonucleotide therapeutics and chiral analysis of pharmaceuticals.

Visit booth 91 to find out more.

Ideal Columns for MS Applications

Clarity BioSolutions
Offering a broad range of chromatography-based products for the purification and analysis of a wide variety of synthetic oligonucleotides, including single or double stranded RNA/DNA sequences, RNAi therapeutics, thioates, aptamers, and dye-labeled probes used in biological research, therapeutic development, or biochemical manufacturing.

Kinetex™ Core-Shell Technology
Kinetex core-shell technology columns deliver ultra-high performance to ANY LC system. Achieve sub-2 µm efficiencies at significantly lower backpressures that are compatible with with conventional HPLC systems.

Strata™-X Polymeric SPE Tubes & 96-well Plates
Improve recovery and reproducibility of your SPE method with Strata-X polymeric SPE products. Strata-X sorbents are available in a variety of chemistries and and formats to fit all of your sample preparation needs.

Zebron™ Inferno™ GC Columns
Inferno columns are the highest temperature-rated fused silica GC columns on the market! Available in 4 popular phases, they provide lower bleed, better reproducibility, and extended column lifetime.

BioSep™: High Performance GFC | SEC Columns for Proteins and Peptides
BioSep-SEC-S columns offer an optimized solution for Gel Filtration/Size Exclusion of protein and peptide samples covering all molecular weight ranges. These economically priced columns deliver extremely high efficiencies, exceptional column reproducibility, and up to two times the lifetime when compared to other GPC columns on the market.

Poster Presentations

• Advantages and Challenges of Using Ultra High Performance Kinetex Sorbents with MS Detection
Monday, May 24

• Method Development for Reversed-phase Chiral LC-MS/MS Analysis of Stereoisomeric Pharmaceutical Compounds with Polysaccharide-based Stationary Phases
Monday, May 24

• High Speed UHPLC-MS/MS Analyses of 13 Pain Management and 11 SAMSHA Drugs in Human Urine Tuesday, May 25

• Novel Isolation and Analysis Method for Oligonucleotide Therapeutics and their Metabolites from Biological Matrices by LC/MS
Thursday, May 27